About Hampstead Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine Doctor and Family Nurse Practitioner located in Hampstead, NC

Hampstead Internal Medicine

Hampstead Internal Medicine is a primary care practice in Hampstead, North Carolina.  Doctor James Manning and Holly Kilian, FNP care for patients in a welcoming, friendly, state of the art clinic.  Call us today at 910 230 5661 or book a new appointment directly online.

At Hampstead Internal Medicine we believe in taking the time to get to know you, and what is important for YOUR health.  Our doctors are experts in medication management and we're confident you'll feel better, take fewer pills, and have a better understanding of your health and overall wellbeing.   For those who qualify, we specialize in setting up a care management program where you will have your own assigned care nurse who is just a call way to help you get the care you need.  

At Hampstead Internal Medicine we have an in house lab that can perform blood work such as liver function,  kidney function, diabetes A1c, or cholesterol tests in as little as 15 minutes.  If you need labs we can often do them the same day, after you check in for your appointment.   Results are available to you in real time, anytime, in your patient portal. 

If you feel like you are taking too many medicines, or having trouble managing your chronic disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart failure, we're here to help.  Hampstead Internal Medicine accepts most insurance plans including Medicare.  We also see cash pay patients at affordable fixed rates. 

Come join us at Hampstead Internal Medicine.  We're currently accepting new patients.   

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