Hormone Imbalances

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Often people do not appreciate how much role their hormones play in their day to day functioning.  Imbalances, meaning too much, or too little, of certain hormones can make you feel awful, or can impact your desires and even your personality.

Probably the most common example of hormone issues are with testosterone in men.  Levels of testosterone vary considerably in men at different ages.  Still, there are some men who are clearly too low.  When this is the case, supplementing testosterone can help them feel much more energy, build muscle mass, and increase their metabolic rate.

Other examples of important hormones include estrogen in women, cortisole, thyroid hormone, and diuretic hormone.  If you think you have a hormone imbalance please come see Doctor Manning and Holly Kilian, FNP, at Hampstead Internal Medicine.  We will perform a history and physical exam.  If we detect anything suspicious for hormonal issues we can check blood tests or x-rays to find the underlying cause and get you on the correct treatment. 

Hormone Question and Answer with Dr. Manning

I do not have as much energy as I used to have.  Should I take testosterone?

It depends.  If your testosterone levels are low, on several checks, then testosterone may help you feel better.  Alternatively, you could have depression, anxiety, stress, a vitamin deficiency, or many other causes of low energy that would not be helped at all by taking testosterone.  Also, taking testosterone can have a lot of side effects.  You should come see your doctor and get a thorough evaluation.

How can I tell if I am in menopause?

In my experience, often you can tell.  You may have hot flashes, irregular periods, thinning hair, or weight gain.  If you think you may be in menopause, it is normal.  However, if it is affecting you in ways that are unpleasant or causing issues come see Holly Kilian or Doctor Manning at Hampstead Internal Medicine.  There may be therapy which can help you feel better.  

My metabolism is too low.  Do I have a hormone imbalance?

Hormones, especially thyroid hormones or testosterone/estrogen problems can effect your metabolism and cause weight gain.  Other times it may just be related to a slower metabolism as we age, or extra calories in our diets.  If you think you are having issues with your hormones come see Dr. Manning and Holly Kilian, FNP or your primary doctor.