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Asthma is a condition that keeps your lungs from functioning correctly.  If you have asthma it can be difficult to breath, especially when you are exercising or out in the cold.  Other people find specific triggers for their asthma such as pets, certain laundry detergents, or dust and mold.  Another common symptom of asthma is a cough which comes with exercise or exertion.

If you have these symptoms, or have been living with asthma schedule an appointment with Doctor Manning or Holly Kilian, FNP, at Hampstead Internal Medicine.  We will perform a history and physical and evaluate you for other causes of shortness of breath.  If you have asthma there are great treatments which can help you to feel better and be more functional.

Dr.Manning asthma FAQ

How did I get asthma?

Most people first become aware of having asthma during childhood.  They have trouble breathing or a cough which will not go away.  Often people feel they outgrow ashtma.  This is probably not exactly true.  Most people's lung function improves with age, so their lung function improves enough in early adulthood they are not bothered by their asthma.  It is very common for symptoms to return in their 40s or 50s, particularly if they smoke or have other exposures which affect lung function.

Are asthma and COPD the same thing?

Technically no they are not.  Asthma is a type of COPD.  It is very important for everyone to stay away from cigarettes, but this is particularly true to people who have asthma at a young age.  They are at very, very high risk for developing COPD if they smoke.

What can I do about my asthma?

See your doctor, or Doctor Manning or Holly Kilian, FNP, at Hampstead Internal Medicine.  There are lots of great treatments to improve lung function, maintain good lung function over time, and help you to stay active and participate in activities.  It is a miserable feeling to not be able to breath, and we can help you to never, or only very rarely, have that feeling.