Annual Wellness Visit

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Annual wellness visits are visits that review your overall health, coordinate your doctors, and screen for issues like high blood pressure or cancer risk.  Medicare has found that performing annual wellness visits helps catch disease earlier and prevent complications like hospitalization and death.  Scheduling annual wellness visits is an important part of maintaining your health.  At Hampstead Internal Medicine in Hampstead, North Carolina,  internist James Manning, MD, Holly Kilian, FNP, and the team offer wellness checkups and annual wellness visits for men and women in all life stages. Call the office to schedule an appointment or book online today.

Annual Wellness Visit QA

What are annual wellness visits?

Annual wellness visits at Hampstead Internal Medicine are yearly medical exams in which your primary care provider evaluates your health and screens for medical issues or complications. Undergoing this evaluation is important to maintain wellness and detect early signs of injuries, illnesses, and chronic diseases.

What are the benefits of annual wellness visits?

The advantages of attending annual wellness appointments at Hampstead Internal Medicine include:

  • Early disease detection
  • Improved disease management
  • Low chance of complications 
  • Better quality of life
  • Long-term cost savings
  • Longer life expectancy

What happens during annual wellness visits?

Annual wellness exams at Hampstead Internal Medicine typically consist of the following:

Vital signs check and medical history review

During a vital signs check, your specialist evaluates your pulse, blood pressure, and temperature. They also weigh you and assess your body mass index (BMI).

The Hampstead Internal Medicine team discusses your medical history, including your medication regimen, lifestyle, symptoms, past diagnoses, and more.

Medical exam

A medical exam includes an evaluation of your ears, eyes, heartbeat, breathing, neck, throat, reflexes, and more.

Diagnostic testing

Depending on your health and risk factors, your provider may order diagnostic tests. Diagnostic tests include urine or blood tests, bone density evaluation for women, or heart function tests.


Hampstead Internal Medicine offers treatments for illnesses, diseases, and injuries. The team tailors each to match your individualized needs. You might choose vaccinations to reduce the risk of becoming ill. The practice provides medication management, healthy lifestyle coaching, medical weight loss, specialist referrals, and more.

When should I schedule annual wellness visits?

Book a yearly wellness exam at Hampstead Internal Medicine to screen for potential medical problems. If you're a regular patient we can help you keep track when it is due.  See your provider if you become ill, injured, or experience worrisome symptoms. Don’t hesitate to call the Hampstead Internal Medicine office at any time with questions. 

Schedule your annual wellness visits at Hampstead Internal Medicine by phone or online today.