High Blood Pressure

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If you’re at risk of high blood pressure (hypertension) or have been diagnosed with the condition please come see us at Hampstead Internal Medicine in Hampstead, North Carolina. Internal medicine doctor James Manning, MD, Holly Kilian, FNP, and the team offer high blood pressure screenings and treatment to normalize your levels and minimize the risk of a heart attack and stroke.  There are lots of treatment options besides pills, so lets discuss these strategies.  If you do require medicine, we can usually get your pressure down with fewer pills and less side effects.  Whatever you do, please get your blood pressure treated - it is important to keep you healthy into the next decades of your life.   Schedule an appointment by phone or online today.

High Blood Pressure QA

What is high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is a when the pressure inside blood vessel walls is higher than usual. While the condition often doesn’t cause any symptoms, it can cause heart or blood vessel disorders that may turn severe.  Untreated, it can lead to heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure requiring dialysis.

What are the symptoms of high blood pressure?

Most of the time, there aren’t obvious symptoms associated with high blood pressure. But if you develop symptoms like nosebleeds, headaches, or heart palpitations, your blood pressure may be dangerously high. 

What are the complications of untreated hypertension?

Untreated high blood pressure can cause coronary artery disease (CAD), a heart attack, a stroke, peripheral artery disease (PAD), kidney failure, kidney disease, eye damage, or vascular dementia. It might also lead to complications during pregnancy. 

What are the risk factors for high blood pressure?

Anyone can develop high blood pressure, but the common causes and risk factors include:

  • Carrying excess weight
  • Eating high-sodium foods
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Lack of exercise
  • Family history of hypertension 
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Aging
  • Some medications
  • Kidney disease
  • Drug use
  • Tobacco use
  • Renal vascular disease

High blood pressure is often caused by multiple factors.

How does my provider diagnose high blood pressure?

Your Hampstead Internal Medicine specialist diagnoses high blood pressure using a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope or machine. They also review your medical history, lifestyle habits, medications, possible symptoms, and more. Your specialist may recommend additional health screenings and tailors a treatment plan based on the results. 

How is high blood pressure treated?

Treating high blood pressure often involves making lifestyle changes, taking medications, or treating the underlying cause of high blood pressure. It’s important to exercise regularly, eat a nutritious diet rich in fruits and vegetables, limit sodium, and achieve or maintain an ideal body weight. Follow up with your provider routinely to ensure your treatment is effective.

Hampstead Internal Medicine accepts most insurance plans including Medicare and VA Community Care. .  A cash-pay program with fixed rates is available for patients who pay out of pocket. 

Schedule an evaluation at Hampstead Internal Medicine by phone or online today to get screened or treated for high blood pressure.