Thyroid Disease

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Your thyroid is a gland that secretes thyroid hormone.  Thyroid hormone controls many functions across your entire body including helping your cells to metabolize energy and grow and divide.  There are two types of thyroid hormone in your body, T3 and T4.

People can sometimes suffer from an overactive thyroid or an underactive thyroid.  We can find clues to these problems on physical exam, for example, by testing reflexes, or looking at certain findings on physical exam.  However, the most conclusive way to check your thyroid function is by blood tests.

If you think you may have an abnormally functioning thyroid come see Doctor Manning and Holly Kilian, FNP, at Hampstead Internal Medicine.  We will take a history and perform a physical exam.  If we are concerned for thyroid disease we can also check blood tests.

If you already have known thyroid disease we can also follow your levels and function at Hampstead Internal Medicine.  Each patient is different and often we find the need for a good history and exam which can find some subtle issues around thyroid replacement.  There are several types of replacement thyroid medications and we can help find the one that is right for you.

Thyroid Question and Answer with Dr. Manning

My metabolism is too slow.  Should I take thyroid hormone?

If your thyroid is underfunctioning, this may cause you to gain weight and have other issues.  In this circumstance we may recommend thyroid supplementation.  

If you thyroid gland is functioning normally, taking thyroid supplementation (excess thyroid medicine) will not help you to lose weight and in fact may be harmful.

I have a thyroid nodule.  Is it dangerous?

Thyroid nodules are very, very common.  Often they are found on physical exam or when you get a CT scan or another test for some other reason.  Usually they are a benign finding.  Depending on their size, location, and other characteristics, we will recommend a program of screening to keep an eye on thyroid nodules and make as sure as reasonably possible that they are safe.